Note that this page will change frequently as we are working on the Polyguns! wikia.


This is a page that specifics the best practices for editing pages and covers a wide variety of topics.

Page Format

  • On Weapon Pages add the Universal Infobox template and fill in as much information as possible. If there is information that could be added in the future about the weapon then add in a question mark until the information is obtained.
  • Make sure that the Infobox lines up with the article header rather than have it below the article header.


  • For crate pages, don't use tables because they use up a lot of space on the page. Instead crate a list saying "% chance of dropping THIS" to give the page a clean look.


Category Pages

Instead of having a category page for a game mechanic that applies to many pages and a separate page to explain the game mechanic, you make the page redirect to the category page where the game mechanic gets explained.

EX: crates, instead of having a Crate category page and a page explaining Crates, you make the Crates page redirect to the Crate category page where crates get explained.

Category Names

Categories are meant to group pages based on similarities. There should not be too many categories. Also note that the categories should be typed exactly as so below with case sensitive.

  • For weapon pages, add the category Weapon along with a corresponding category for the page
    • Automatic Rifle - (Rifles where you can hold down left click and shoot several bullets
    • Manual Rifle - Rifles where you have to click every time you want to shoot
    • Shotgun
    • Minigun
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Assualt Rifle
    • Melee Weapon
  • For Weapons that you receive when starting the game, add the category Starter Equipment or Default Items

Banned Category types

  • Do not categorize weapons based on appearance.
  • For Crate of weapon pages, don't make categories named after crates / the crates the weapon blueprint can be obtained from

Banned Category names

  • XP
  • Drops (actually not approved, the category would only be used on crate pages so just used the category Crate)
  • Weapons (no s)
  • Short Range (the weapon category the page would already have should make its range self explanatory and the infobox should also specify its range)
  • Swords / Axe (use Melee Weapon instead)
  • Unlimited (why?)
  • Protection
  • Class
  • (a category with spaces - a category like this has appeared on pages)
  • Bugs (only the page Bugs and Glitches would fit in this)
  • Epic (refer to banned category types)
  • Assualt Riffle (Mispelled, use Assualt Rifle)