Overview Edit

In terms of raw, on-paper statistical value, the Rail Subvert is one of the best weapons in the game. Rail-Subvert has higher range compared to other every Assault Rifle and some other Rifles. The weapon's spread however low enough to compare to sniper class weapons and it has damage beating almost every Assault Rifle and matching the Galactic Assault, while also having a middling but very functional fire rate. However it is semi automatic, forcing the player to click with each shot which can easily lead to compromised aim if one fires too fast, despite only above-average recoil.

 As one of the fastest firing semi-automatic Rifles, this weapon can be suited to all ranges, with maximum firecap and damage-per-second values that leave it not only serviacable, but superior to some CQC specialised weapons in close range, while still beating almost every Assault Rifle and many other Rifles at any range up to 600 studs. Should the user be capable of accurately clicking, they will find themselves holding a statistical monstrosity with few, if any weaknesses, perfectly capable of being used a s a standalone weapon (While a Sniper Rifle is used for long range, a Sword is used for movement, or another similar Rifle is used for redundancy).

Keep in mind that because the numbered spread values grow logarithmically (With the largest difference being at the beginning), the differencee in 0 and 0.1 spread is about the same as the differemce between 0.1 and 0.7 spread.  Therefore, this rifle, while amazing accurate, will not be borderlline pinpoint and will be outgunned by Sniper Rifles at the near edges of it's range, though not to nearly the same extent as any automatic weapon. This rifle does not have a zoom allowing for increased peripheral vision while aiming down sights.