The turret is a piece of equipment which you can place up to 3 at a time (Per person). The turret will automatically aim and shoot at other players. It has limited ability to target strafing players, but it's vertical accuracy is impeccable. It costs 40,000 Credits.

The main weakness of the turret itself is that it's range is limited to roughly 300-400 studs. meaning a player could shoot it from far away with an accurate, medium-ranged gun to easily destroy it. It does however, have massive amounts of health, taking 3 shots from every sniper rifle to destroy and large portions of other weapons' magazines. In addition, while it has no vertical recoil, it does have considerable horizontal recoil, making it struggle to hit running targets outside of extremely close range and possibly even strafing targets near the edge. It additionally has a delay before firing that allows it to be defeated in combat by any weapon with any set of armor, usually before it can fire more than a few shots. Should it get firing though, it can very quickly tear up low-health targets.

Because the Turret has an extremely long cooldown on placement, a survivalist player may not make as much use of this piece of equipment as other players will. Because the Turret has a short-medium range, it should be placed in areas where enemies must engage within that range. Because it is durable, placing it in chokepoints such as Factory's long, thin hallway between spawn areas can grant a user the ability to win any fight within that area. And because it is small and deadly, placing it under trees allows it to stay hidden and force players to spend a longer amount of time tracking it down.